Why Am I Here?

I've been doing game audio since 1997 and am fortunate enough to have played a major role as audio director on titles such as the Metroid Prime, Guitar Hero, and Call of Duty series. 

I will be the first person to admit that I've done a terrible job of sharing with the game audio and sound design communities. I started this blog as a way to change that. Mentoring new talent in particular has always been a passion of mine and if there's some way I can reach a few more people via the web then this will have been worth it. 

You'll find my thoughts and experiences in working in gamdev, particularly with getting your foot in the door and getting hired. As a hiring manager for 10+ years, you wouldn't believe the number of mistakes that people still make when presenting themselves...

I also welcome people to get in touch with me for feedback, comments, etc. I'm always glad to help.