How to Find the Perfect Sound Contractor for your Game

So you’re a game developer and you need some cool sound effects for your game. Hopefully, you aren’t the type that will reach for a sound pack on the Unity Store and call it a day (oh, the horror). Fortunately, because of the proliferation of sound professionals in the open market, finding a contractor is now easier than ever. From entry level sound designers trying to get their foot in the door to AAA audio professionals at the top of their field, there’s a range of contractors at every price point eager to help out on your project. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So how exactly does one go about finding a sound contractor?

Spatial Audio Solutions for Wwise

Recently, I had a chance to work on a unique GPS-driven, AR laser tag experience for iOS and Android. It was a technically challenging project for several reasons, one of which was the lack of fully developed tools and standards in AR/VR/MR audio. This is especially true if you are developing cross-platform and are using Wwise for implementation. In this article, I’ll be discussing the spatial audio solutions that are available for Wwise users and sharing some of the demos I made while evaluating them.

Five Simple Ways to Level Up Your Resume

As a hiring manager, I’ve looked at hundreds of resumes and filled numerous positions throughout my career. The competition is especially fierce when it comes to entry level positions and your resume will make or break you in these situations. With hundreds of people applying, what most audio directors won't tell you is that we're actively looking for reasons to exclude candidates and file their resumes into the recycling bin. There simply isn't enough time to interview every single applicant so we have to be strict.

So how do you keep your resume from getting filed into the NO pile?

Why Am I Here?

I've been doing game audio since 1997 and am fortunate enough to have played a major role as audio director on titles such as the Metroid Prime, Guitar Hero, and Call of Duty series. 

I will be the first person to admit that I've done a terrible job of sharing with the game audio and sound design communities. I started this blog as a way to change that.