I have rarely met a more dedicated and hard working developer. Clark developed the entire audio package for our product and worked insane hours to get it "just right". He welcomed feedback, actively sought it in fact, and never settled for "good enough". He is a priceless asset and a dedicated craftsman.

Mike Wikan, Senior Game Designer, Retro Studios


Over the course of 8 years I've had the pleasure of seeing (or hearing) the extremely wide range of Clark's talents. As a foundation, Clark is an extremely dedicated worker. He is always striving for the highest quality product, which meant going above and beyond what was asked of him. Perfection seemed to be his goal, not only for himself, but for the department, and all the way out to the entire company.

— Daryl Kimono, Designer, Neversoft


Clark Wen at Exile Sound has been instrumental in elevating the quality of our animated cut scenes. His creative, inventive sound design and overall expertise have consistently made our productions shine! He’s a true standout among his peers and an invaluable asset to any team.

— Todd Davies, Audio Director, Age of Learning